Traffic Department

Wilmington Shipping Company has an extensive and thoroughly experienced staff capable of handling all matters related to agency, traffic, and freight documentation. In these areas critical attention is given to careful monitoring of detail to ensure the proper handling of cargoes and documentation in a expedient and accurate manner.

Services performed in these areas which are offered by our full-service agency organization:

Equipment Control of Containers and Chassis:

  • Arrange Receiving and Delivery of Equipment
  • Arrange Maintenance and Repair of Equipment
  • Inventory and Reporting of Equipment

Rate Quotations and Cargo Bookings

Preparation of:

  • Cargo Load Lists
  • Bills of Lading
  • Manifests
  • Dangerous Cargo Manifests

Bill of Lading Releases

Ocean Freight Collections and Disbursements

Coordination and Preparation of Handling Orders / Dock Orders

Liaison With:

•Bonded Warehouse
•Cargo Brokers
•Port Authority
•Chartering Brokers
•Rail Carriers
•Container Freight Stations
•Ship Brokers and Agents
•Customhouse Brokers
•Steamship Agents
•International Freight Forwarders
•Steamship Companies
•Marine Surveyors and Appraisors
•Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point
•Motor Carriers